Working out is the best way to keep your body and mind in great shape. There are numerous kinds of exercises available to the human population which can be incorporated into the workout regimen. Workout mistakes are a major reason for injury and failure to achieve the desired results. Professional guidance will ensure that you avoid workout mistakes and are on the right path keeping your fitness goals on the top. If you do not have access to professional help or are not really comfortable about someone telling about how to go about your workout ensure that you avoid a few blunders which may ruin your health and well being in the long run.

Skipping warm up is the biggest workout mistake

Workout Mistakes

Not Warming Up – Workout mistakes

Not warming up prior to hitting your workout regimen is the biggest workout mistake you can commit. Warm up get the body and the nervous system for workout. It ensures that you do not miss a heartbeat and prevents premature fatigue which is a major reason for unfulfilled fitness goals. If you are going in for HIIT or any other high intensity workout warm up becomes a necessity. Doing a strenuous workout and not warming up may lead to injuries to the muscles and bones that are taking the impact of the workout. Warming up is not that hard. You just need to run, jog or skip to ensure your body knows what exactly is coming next. Even a few stretching exercises can be good enough as a means to get your body warmed up.

Not feeding your muscles is a big workout mistake

Many trainers and individuals’ workout while fasting. Depends upon the results and your body conditions; fasting is out of question if you are pregnant or are on medications or you are doing a strenuous workout. However if you are looking forward to lose weight yes fasting is an option. Fasting or not fasting keep in mind you need to feed protein especially whey protein to your body within 30 minutes to 1 hour of a strenuous workout else the body muscles will lose the ability to grow, repair and become stronger in the long run. The body needs to have something to eat within the one hour window of strenuous workout. Avoid this workout mistake and feed your muscles well even if you are fasting.

Avoid a single body area and focus on the whole body

Sometimes we are really obsessed with a particular set of muscles. Many of us need to see our biceps come up in a toned fashion; some of us need that six pack look for the abs. It’s good to have these kinds of fitness goals but using techniques that develop only these muscles is not wise enough. You need to take the whole body fitness into account instead of putting your focus on a single set of muscles.

Catching enough sleep is crucial

Eight hours of sleep is essential for the body. If you are killing sleep to exercise and get into shape you are only harming your body. Instead of getting into shape or losing weight only the reverse is going to happen. There are several chemical reactions that need to take place in the body for which you need to provide adequate rest to your body hence all fitness trainers and any structured health and fitness plan will have adequate sleep as an integral part of the whole plan to be in shape for the long run.