Diet is the source of nutrition and energy for human beings however bad dietary habits can result in diseases, deficiencies and disorders in the body. Research and medical advancements have helped the human race in deciphering the various causes of human body suffering. Scientists and researchers have been able to come up with diverse options in order to put the human body back into track in terms of holistic health and well being. Dash diet is one such endeavor where researchers have been able to chalk out a diet plan that helps human beings to reduce their blood pressure without taking any medications. High blood pressure is the most common health problem faced by human beings worldwide and causes almost 7.5 million deaths worldwide according to WHO.

What is a dash diet?

DASH Diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The pioneer for dash diet was Marla Heller. This is diet plan is the method to control increased blood pressure among human beings and research on this diet was conducted in the 90’s. Since then dash diet has been a rage across the world among people who tend to avoid medication and would love to control their hypertension symptoms via diet.

Dash Diet - Fruits, Vegetables and Whole grains

Dash Diet Components

A dash diet is generally rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat diary food, meat, fish, poultry and nuts. Researchers have tried to incorporate almost all types of food items to keep it balanced so that it is able to deliver a wholesome nutrition to the person and does not lead to any deficiency in the human body.

How does a dash diet work for your body?

Since a dash diet is low on saturated fat and cholesterol thus it is light for the heart and does not cause any heart problems or blockages which may only add to the hypertension or high blood pressure. Fats only contribute to seven percent of daily calories thus there will be no shortage of energy for your daily activities. A dash diet is moderate in proteins and healthy fats. Moderate intake of proteins helps in the moderation of hypertension. Since a dash diet is rich in minerals and fiber; minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium help in regulation of hypertension. Fiber on the other hand helps in controlling blood sugar, cholesterol and helps in weight loss.

Benefits of a dash diet

Apart from being helpful in controlling hypertension a dash diet is beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart since you are having food which is low on fats and high on good cholesterol. Several studies have proven that a dash diet is effective in controlling diabetes. Although dash diet cannot be termed as a weight loss diet since it is a healthy diet yet studies conducted over the years have proven it to be one of the major contributors towards weight loss. Dash diet does not have any side effect and can be continued for life. Prolonged use of dash diet helps reduce the risks of cancer, osteoporosis, ageing and mental illness.