Talking about workouts for the human body nothing can beat swimming as it provides a great medium for the body to be exercised. This is one activity that provides a lot of resistance to the body toning up the muscles when one has to work against the pressure exerted by water. Promotes limb coordination better since you have to move your arms and legs continuously to stay afloat and move on. Swimming helps one to concentrate on breathing sub consciously. There are numerous benefits to swimming for kids and adults alike.

Swimming helps build up muscles in the human body

Water providing more resistance than air makes sure that the human body has to work overtime exercising in water as compared to exercising on land. Your muscles have to work overtime while wading in water. On one end water offers resistance to the muscles on the other end it also makes it easy for the joints to move thus creating a low impact body exercise environment for your body. Pain and strain on the body is reduced as compared to working out in a gym which means you can work out or swim for a longer period of time and in turn toning up the muscles. If you are swimming for a long duration of time everyday you are increasing your body stamina which will be beneficial to you in almost any sport that you play. Even if you do not play any sport you will be able to stand long durations of stress easily.

Flexibility of the body is improved manifold via swimming

Swimming involves intricate movements of all the body parts in tandem with each other. When in a gym you are concentrating on a group of muscles for a particular exercise or movement you are undertaking. While swimming the arms and legs along with all body muscles are in constant movement thus building a flexible body. Joints and ligaments responsible for the flexibility of the body are in constant movement and hence become loose and flexible. Stretching in water while swimming works on the overall flexibility of the body.

Weight loss is the biggest benefit while swimming

Swimming has been known to be a big time calorie burner and it’s the excess calories that add the extra weight to the body. Being overweight and averse to go to a gym; try swimming. For every 10 minutes of swimming doing the butterfly stoke will help you get rid of almost 150 calories however it may differ with the intensity and your body conditions. For best results to loose weight via swimming consider intervals where you work your hardest for short bursts and then recover. Swimming is the best and the most popular way to loose weight among all techniques known to human beings since it is fun filled and interesting.

Best form of cardio thus promoting heart health

When all body parts and muscles are in action the heart gets a good supply of blood. Any small blockage in the arteries gets removed with the pressure of the blood exerted against the walls. The heart rate and blood pressure of a person who is a regular swimmer remain in check. The whole body receives better pumped blood from the heart and the heart becomes more efficient and healthier in the long run.