Squats are perfect as a whole body exercise and are called the King in exercises because of the muscle groups they work upon. Burning calories and that too a lot of them in a single session is possible with squats. There are many variations which can be made possible with squats. Varying weights works wonders for people who need to lose weight, tone up the body or build strength within their muscles.

How to do squats

Basic squats do not require any equipment and no special place. You just need to have a determination to work on your muscles for the best results. If you are just thinking of starting with squats earmark a place and time for yourself. You need to stand straight your feet hip-width apart. Next you need to place your hands on your hips. Next you need to stand tall with your chin held high and your shoulders in upright position. You need to pull in your abdominal muscles to make your body tight.sport, bodybuilding, lifestyle and people concept - young man wi Once tightening of the upper body is done act like you are going to sit on a chair without moving the posture of the upper body. Bend it a few inches forward only so that you do not fall down while bending your knees. Once you reach a comfortable position stop and get back to the original standing position taking care not to lock your knees and simultaneously straightening your legs. Repeat the process for 5-10 reps and you need to do at least 2-3 sets of the same in one go. This is the very basic form of squats that you can perform at any place without any equipment.

Body muscles that are benefited with squats

There are several muscle groups that are affected by squats. Quadricepses on the front of the thighs are the most benefited muscles because of the knee and hip movement while doing squats. Glutes make another set of muscles that are benefited by squats. Glutes have three muscle groups and all of them tend to get in shape with squats. Adductor muscles in the thighs become strong with the up and down movement and the pressure that you tend to put on your thighs while performing squats. Hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and abs all reap rich benefits when one performs squats on a regular basis.

Why one should do squats

There are many benefits of squats for the whole human body. It is a form of exercise that makes sure that your upper and lower body parts get the maximum benefit of the activities that you are going to perform. Apart from toning up and strengthening the muscles mentioned above squats have a good effect on the human body. Circulation of blood improves if you do squats on a regular basis. Growth hormones along with testosterone get a boost in people who do squats regularly. Inner core strength and flexibility of the body are improved to a great extent. People looking to burn fat get a boost after starting with squats. Squats are best for athletes since it strengthens the joints and prevents the muscles from getting injured.