Over eating and under eating both pose a health threat to the human body. Where over eating leads to an increase in weight and sets the path for obesity along with the problems that occur with obesity and overweight. Under eating has its own set of problems that are quite conspicuous in the human body. All human beings have unique body requirements in terms of the amount of food intake they require every day. People doing physical activities daily need more food in terms of quantity than those who are confined to desk jobs. Gauging the amount of food you require for your body is your responsibility. Given below are a few signs that will indicate to you that you are under eating.

You are under eating if your craving for food never dies in spite of you having a balanced Diet

Many people feel the urge to snack almost all the time in spite of them having their normal meals. Hunger pangs are always troubling people since they are not eating sufficient food in terms of quantity. If you are feeling hungry all the time increase your food intake when you have your regular meals. Even after increasing the food intake if you feel hungry increase the amount of proteins and fats in your diet since they will help you stay up for a longer time. Having a word with your dietician to ascertain the amount of food you need to have everyday will surely go a long way in controlling the hunger pangs you suffer.

Severe mood swings are the order of day

Since the brain is in constant need of blood sugar that makes it function properly under eating hinders the supply of blood sugar to the brain since less quantity of it is manufactured as a result of less food intake. The condition of low blood sugar is also called as hypoglycemia. Since the brain is not able to comprehend situations and issues properly due to non availability of blood sugar and a constant nagging from the stomach mood swings are constant problems. From a short fuse to being cheerful or irritable or anxious if this is happening with you check your diet and make sure you are not under eating. Lack of energy and muscle fatigue sets in which further adds to the bad mood.

Digestive problems make things worse

Constipation among people who do not have a diet according to their body needs is a permanent. The secretion of thyroid hormone is hampered severely and gut movement slows down. If your bowel movement is every alternate day or is not regular check the amount of food you are having increase it and see the results. If your bowel movement becomes regular with the intake of more food you have been under eating.

Body temperature is always low

Whatever food we take in is burned and calories are released which are taken up by the body to perform various body functions. One of the body functions is to regulate body temperature. If one is under eating and performing all body functions regularly chances are that he or she may have a low body temperature which leads to many problems. Various hormones and enzymes require a specific body temperature to perform their functions properly and if this body temperature is not maintained these hormones and enzymes are not able to perform properly. Problems in giving birth, loss of weight, weak body muscles and bones are some of the problems that may be faced by a human being when under eating.