Plenty of Fish (POF)

Plenty of Fish (POF) is an online dating site that aims to help singles find their soul mate online. With more features compared to other sites, it is now one of the frequently visited online dating sites next to okCupid.

POF basically focus on single men and women but most of its members are made up of males. It uses an advanced matching system known as the POF Chemistry Predictor to match its members.

How does it work?

Signing up for a POF account is free. You simply have to fill up the application form in the homepage. Once you are a member, you can start creating your profile and start meeting new people.

There are costs on some features; for instance, if you want to build an incredible dating profile that will frequently appear in the top search. You will also pay if you want to buy some credits and POF gifts. These are good options if you are really serious with meeting someone online and starting a deeper relationship.

POF is focused on finding you a date or helping you find your perfect match. The site does not guarantee you with 100% compatibility but it can really work if your answers are honest.


POF Exciting Features

POF allows you to do a lot of things that ordinary dating sites normally offer.

Forum One thing you will like about POF is the availability of forum where members can casually just talk anything under the sun. Some members are free to admit if they are just there for the forum. It is also the best venue to organize meeting, events, and initiate love debates, vent about being broken hearts and many more.

Meet me- This tab on top of the site allows you to view local men and women whom you may be interested in dating. It displays you a gallery and you can freely click and message anyone you fall in love with at first sight.


Most advanced matching system – POF uses a chemistry predictor which will test your compatibility to someone based on five dimensions: self-confidence, family orientation, self-control, ‘openness’, and easy going. The Ultra Match feature is also another matching system that is based on behavioral aspect of every person. If you want a date that will perfectly match your attitude, you can take this test.


More features you can enjoy with POF are the chats, emails, and test to help you catch a great match. If you are alone, broken-hearted, or by any means single, POF can be the best site you can land to search and find new love beginnings.



POF is modified regularly. You can expect that some of the common features may not be where they used to be. Hence, you need to get used to this. You will also find extra features on every page so you need to look closely.

The gallery is a bit appalling though. The small photos, and blocked age and location hurdles quick view and convenience. You have to click on each photo and view the whole profile to know the person.

The name “Plenty of Fish” sounds a bit awkward for a site. But the site can be the best solution to broken hearted who strongly believe that there are “many fish in the sea.” It somehow connotes a positive meaning that life does not end when your relationship with someone ends. The title itself sounds inviting.