Although negative calorie food is a misnomer since all food items have calories. However some food times like apple, watermelon or celery have a huge quantity of water which ensures that you have less space for other food items after having them and these food items are low in terms of calories present in them and thus do not add to the weight of the body. Eating an apple, water melon, celery or simply a glass of water before having your meal is a great strategy to lose weight. People who are looking forward to lose weight need not starve themselves and can have food that are classified as negative calorie foods to provide a respite to their tummy specially for those who have a good appetite and have to have their stomachs full while having their meals.

Celery the number one negative calorie food to lose weight

lose weight with celery

Celery to lose weight

Celery is the number one food in terms of negative calories count and in terms of its effectiveness in helping a weight loss program. Celery is high in fiber content and one cup of celery contains just 19 calories. In case you have celery everyday you are not going to gain weight, top it with physical activity and you will be back in shape within a few days. Apart from being low on calories celery helps people to steer clear from ovarian cancer because of the presence of apigenin. Apart from that celery has powerful anti-inflammatory properties if had in the form of juice. Apart from that you get a rich supply of vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A. Celery due to the presence of water and fiber is the perfect diet for your body in terms of nutrition and calories that it can supply.

Greens especially lettuce and onion help lose weight

Lettuce and other green leafy vegetables apart from being rich in nutrients are full of water which gives them their negative calorie property. Almost fifty percent of green leafy vegetables are water and the rest fifty present is fiber hence the immense health benefits of having them as salads or cooked as vegetables. Strong healthy bones and reducing the risk of colon cancer is possible with Kale. Spinach is hard to digest since it is high on proteins; thus your body will be burning more calories while digesting it instead of gaining calories that would have added to the body weight. Onions are known to deliver an assortment of anti cancer nutrients and immune boosting ingredients while supplying only 64 calories per cup. Exercising and having lettuce and green leafy vegetables will help you add the right kind of nutrition into the body while cutting down on body weight.

Grapefruit just like celery is a negative calorie food

Grapefruit although delivers bit more calories as compared to the items mentioned above contains naringenin – an anti oxidant that is responsible for triggering the liver to break down fat. Hence if you have accumulated a lot of fat within your body and have not tried grape fruit you essentially need to give it a try. Grapefruit is known to reduce the risk of developing tumors in the stomach, colon and lungs. Heart ailments can be kept at bay by having grapefruit. Since this fruit is almost sixty percent water thus a feeling of fullness is achieved after having it which further helps you to lose weight without starving yourself.