High Intensity Interval training also called as HIIT is the technique suggested to people who are looking to loose weight fast and keep themselves fit for life. HIIT has been used worldwide as a popular technique to ensure that your body and most importantly the vital organs of the body receive a good supply of blood which of course is the medium to carry nutrients to all body parts. Building strength, endurance, stamina and burning fat all at once can be achieved by practicing HIIT every day. The best part about HIIT is that no equipment is required to perform it and can be clubbed with any form of exercise you are already practicing.

How to do HIIT

As the name suggests you need to work out in intervals. And if you have just decided to get on the fitness bandwagon then HIIT is just the right choice for you. You don’t need to spend several hours in the gym to make yourself fit and energetic. A few rounds of HIIT are enough to create energy and fitness within you. To start with you need to jog or run for a few minutes at your maximum speed, give rest to the body and then do it again making it five reps in one go. Any exercise that is your favorite be it squats, running, jogging, jumping, pushups, lunges do it vigorously for almost 90 seconds as a start and then for 90 seconds give your body rest to recover from the impact of the high intensity workout you have performed. Giving the body some time to rest and come back into its original form will help the muscles to get ready for another high intensity workout.

The benefits of HIIT

Benefits of HIIT if performed properly and on a regular basis are immense. The results are visible faster than any other form of exercises since you are challenging the limits of your body. Not only the muscles but the internal organs of the body are benefitted by HIIT. More progress via doing HIIT for 15 minutes is achieved as compared to running on a treadmill for half an hour. You can save a lot of time via HIIT. Burning fat becomes child play. Once you start doing HIIT you don’t have to worry about the fat you have accumulated or even the extra calories that you ingest all through the day.

Benefits of HIIT

HIIT for a healthy heart

Increasing stamina and endurance is just a part of HIIT while improving the condition of the heart. Your heart will be able to pump the optimum level of blood to all body parts. Loosing fat without losing muscles is an extra benefit of performing HITT regularly.

HIIT can be a part of other exercise regimens you follow

HITThis is one form of exercise that can be clubbed with any of the exercise regimens you are following by doing a few tweaks in your regimen you are already following. If you are not getting the desired results out of the exercises you are doing right now HIIT is the best option. For example you are jogging everyday to loose weight but are not observing any progress; try HIIT. Jog at your full speed (vigorously) for a short span of time and then rest to let your body replenish the oxygen debt created by the increased intensity. Wight lifters, sports persons use HIIT regularly to increase their stamina, endurance and agility.