Fitness is one resolution that tops the list of New Year resolutions all across the world. People of all ages make it a point to convince them that they are going to go that extra mile this year to make themselves fit by having a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. With advancement in technology and exposure to latest research and information regarding fitness and exercises it is easy to keep yourself motivated enough all year round to follow a fitness regimen. Following fitness trends for a particular year makes exercising fun since everybody around you is sailing in the same boat and you have company of people around since they are also following a few fitness trends that will stay there for the year. A few fitness trends are listed below that will come handy in devising a fitness regimen and plan for every individual who is looking forward to

Every step and every move to be quantified and measured with wearable technology

Fitness trends - Wearable Technology

Fitness trends

Wearable technology is here to stay as a fitness trend in 2016. People struggling with diabetes, obesity and other weight related chronic problems will contribute big time to the popularity of wearable technology. New research and an improvement in the already existing gadgets will add up to the popularity of wearable technology. Fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices will be a must have for people who are looking forward to keep themselves fit in style and measure each move of theirs to see how close they are getting to the results. Real-time feedback to the wearer is an big advantage that helps them to keep motivation level high and try to achieve higher results. Smart clothes will be there to add to the already booming market of wearable technology.

Body weight training will be a fitness trend in 2016

Body weight training is going to be as popular as it has been in the past few years. Since Body weight training does not need any equipment to start and can be done anywhere and at anytime. One does not need a coach or a gym to be able to exercise and keep fit. Your body is your equipment and the moves you make while doing body weight training are good enough to ensure that all body parts are exercised properly. Variations in terms of body weight training make it possible for people to keep trying new moves. While many are making ample use of wearable technology while doing body weight training the time ahead looks bright for body weight training which is definitely one of the most popular fitness trends for 2016.

High Intensity Interval Training will be more popular

Considered as something that athletes and sportsmen are supposed to do; this is one form of fitness that promises fast results. A combination of aerobic and anaerobic activities stress is laid on various moves that athletes tend to make while exercising their bodies to get ready for the game. HIIT again involves the use of all body muscles and makes sure the core muscles become strongest along with the other muscles. Probably HIIT is the reason why all sportsmen have a fit and solid body with great flexibility and agility. Since this is hybrid of aerobic and anaerobic exercises the results are much better than aerobics. This is one fitness trend that is going to stay throughout 2016 and will also make it place in coming years.

Yoga workouts will be the new fitness trends for body and mind

Yoga although an ancient form of fitness has gained popularity worldwide. In 2015 yoga has been quite a hot topic and probably it will be able to consolidate its position in 2016 fitness trends. Yoga lays a great stress on right diet, right exercise and optimum rest. It is one fitness technique that requires an expert master to learn from since one wrong exercise the side effects can be severe.