Exercises when filled with fun are a great way to get into shape and keep oneself fit since you are not actually exercising you are having fun. And who doesn’t want to have fun. Many exercises are deemed as burden since they take a heavy toll on the body and mind. You need to have a fixed schedule and place to perform those body movements which are going to guarantee you a fit and youthful body for the whole of your life. To break the monotony of regular gym training and the drills you learned at school or the boot camp there are a few techniques that can be a part of your daily regimen. Hula hoopla is one such method that is filled with immense fun and burns a lot of fat and calories along with strengthening the body muscles.

Types of Hula hoopla

Before seriously contemplating exercising with a hula hoopla you need to make sure to get the right hula hoop for yourself. Hula Hoops can be broadly categorized into two Weighted and non weighted. Buying a weighted or a non weighted hula hoop depends upon the utility it’s going to perform. If you are considering a Hula hoop for dancing or showing off some tricks a weighted Hula hoop will not definitely be your choice. Weighted Hula hoops are a perfect choice for people who want to learn to hoop, exercise or loose weight. A hoop that weighs something like 15-20lbs is perfect for people who have started learning hooping and want to use it as a exercising option. While looking for the right size consider one with a diameter that is the size of the measurement of the ground level from your belly button.

Tips to work out with a Hula Hoopla

While exercising with a Hula Hoopla it is important to keep a few things mind although it looks quite easy to rotate the hoopla however you should be able to rotate it for at least 10 minutes for optimum benefit to your body. While rotating the hoopla makes sure you have a good posture. Keep your back straight since it will allow better rotation along with adding maximum benefit to the workout.

Hula Hoopla

Exercising the correct way with a Hula Hoopla

Before starting out hooping it is important to bring the hoopla against your back. While making the body movements to balance the hoopla on your body do not turn at your hips. Although it is hard to follow initially since you are going to have an urge to do so to keep the hoopla from falling to your knees however it is important for optimum results.

Muscles benefited with the Hula Hoopla

The most important core muscles are the most benefited if you are regular follower of hula hooping. It is the perfect exercise for people who have a desk job to realign their spine. It is a full body exercise that ensures exercise of all the body muscles along with helping in the coordination of various body muscles. Burning calories, fat and the tyres accumulated on the belly becomes an easy task with the Hula Hoopla. Heart is a big beneficiary while exercising with the hoopla. Since it is an exercise with a lot of fun involved thus your happiness is going to increase manifold if you make hula hooping a way of life for yourself.