The human body is a complex system of various cells, tissues and organ systems working together to ensure the whole body runs properly to carry out the daily chores a human being is supposed to perform. While performing these functions cells, tissues and organ systems excrete waste a major part of which is toxic. These toxins are flushed out of the human body on a regular basis but sometimes the accumulation may be quite heavy in terms of quantity and this is when the human body needs detoxification agents that can cleanse its internal system.

What is detoxification of human body

Detoxification of the body involves the loss of toxins from the body that accumulate over a period of time. The toxins are accumulated because of the diet that we tend to have and the physical activities that we tend to avoid. Several indigestible components of the food accumulate and enter the circulatory system that makes the body sluggish in terms of internal functions. Toxins also enter the body via pollutants present in the environment. The body has its own mechanism of detoxification however with lifestyle changes and the increasing pollution in the environment human beings need to make an effort themselves that helps them loose these toxins via the detoxification process. Thus detoxification of the body becomes an essential process to be followed on a regular basis to keep the body in great shape internally.

Almonds for detoxification of the body while making the liver healthy

Almonds have a lot of benefits for the human body. Detoxification of human body is one of them. Having almonds regularly ensures the supply of vitamin E to the liver which helps in breaking the fat deposited on the liver because of bad eating habits or alcohol that you may have as part of your winter cocktails.

Detoxification of the human body with garlic while keeping the heart happy

Garlic detoxification properties

Garlic for detoxification

Apart from reducing cholesterol level in the blood garlic acts as a great detoxification agent for the human body. With high amounts of vitamin C and allicin garlic is a must have for any human being who needs to keep his body clean from inside. Do not depend solely on garlic to detoxify your body if you are accumulating toxins from the environment, processed food, alcohol and smoking. Garlic taken in small quantities everyday helps the liver, kidneys and heart function in a seamless manner.

Asparagus the sure shot way to detoxify after a heavy meal

If you have had a heavy meal with food that contains a lot of grease and are feeling uncomfortable in the stomach chances are that too many toxins have accumulated inside the liver. Asparagus as a side steamed to eat can help you get rid of the problem you are facing. Amino acids and minerals found in asparagus are going to alleviate hangover symptoms and protect liver cells against toxins. Asparagus is a natural diuretic, thus helping the body to flush out all toxins from the body.

Starting the day by detoxification of your body

Having a glass of lemon water every morning will ensure that your body flushes out all the toxins the body has accumulated at night. Making it a habit (lemon water or citrus fruit juice in the morning) will ensure you don’t have to think much about the detoxification of your body every now and then since the body will have adapted the idea of loosing toxins almost everyday.