Cherry the small maroon fruit is filled with a lot of nutrition value and can be had right off the stem of course after washing it. Cherry goes too well with baked products and is a great fruit to be had for people of all ages. Its health and nutrition benefits are unmatched since it helps human beings suffering from cancer, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure to name a few. Apart from that is is filled with quite a few nutritious elements that go too well in keeping the human body in great shape.

Cherry is great to treat Insomnia

Having cherries in the evening will introduce melatonin into the body which is responsible for lowering the body temperature and making the person sleepy.

Cherry for a sound sleep

Tart Cherry Juice for Insomnia

Tart cherry is the variety of cherry that can be used to make a juice or concentrate for people who are not able to get a sound sleep. Next time sleep allures you have a glass full of tart cherry juice and you are going to have a sound sleep.

People suffering from diabetes can have cherries in any quantity

Cherries have a very low glycemic index approximately 22 much lower from numerous other fruits. This makes cherry a great fruit for people who are suffering from diabetes. Since diabetic patients have to keep a strict watch over their food and fruit intake lest they may increase their sugar level. Being in strict discipline in terms of diet may sometimes lead one to lose out on a few essential naturally occurring vitamins and other nutrients. Thus cherries come as a power snack for diabetic patients.

Cancer fighting properties in Cherry

Cherries contain anthocyanins that act as antioxidants in the human body thus reducing the free radicals and keeping cancer at bay. Even if someone has developed cancer having cherry regularly will help one to keep a check on the growth of cancer cells. Check out for cherries that have a deep pigmentation. Cherries that have a crimson purple color instead of the bright red color will have more quantity of anthocyanins and will be better in fighting cancer.

Keep your blood pressure under control with cherries

Incorporating cherries in your daily diet means you are having ample of quantities of potassium which helps to get rid of excess sodium in the body. Excess sodium is the primary reason for high blood pressure. Potassium and sodium are balanced with the regular intake of cherries that make it a great medium to keep hypertension at bay and maintain the blood pressure at the optimum level.

Cherries are good for losing weight

Keen on losing weight? Have cherries in between meals as a snack. Not only will you feel full a few B-vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B6 present in cherries will increase the metabolism and convert nutrients into energy much faster. Along with that since cherries are low in terms of calories you don’t have to worry about the addition of extra weight on the contrary you will be able to shed a few extra pounds.