Healthy food is not only a source of energy and life for the human body it also serves as a mood fluctuating agent. Since the nutrients are supplied directly to the brain it is natural for the brain and the whole body to act according to the diet you are having. Certain foods are known to banish depression. If feeling low ensure that you have the right food items in optimum quantities to uplift your mood.

Healthy food items that you need to have to uplift your mood

Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which is a form of omega -3 fats. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be great mood lifters. Apart from that flaxseeds and chia seeds have the same effect on your body as walnuts. Chocolates although known to increase the weight of individuals contain antioxidants that ensure a great mood because of the reduction of stress hormones. Dark chocolate makes you happy and research has proven it beyond doubt. Barramundi, trout, salmon and sardines are well known for their depression fighting capabilities, next time you feel down go fishing and you are going feel on top of the world if you can catch any of these fishes.

The importance of carbohydrates in the diet

Many people feel that carbohydrates make them lethargic and add to their weight, and in the process many of the health conscious individuals cut carbs from their diet and feel depressed in the process. Carbs release tryptophan which is a non essential amino acid however when this non essential amino acid reaches the brain more of serotonin is synthesized by the brain. And this very serotonin is the mood regulator of the human body. More serotonin means a better mood. Do not cut down on carbs instead choose your carbs intelligently. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes are the source of carbs that will not add to the body weight but will be able to release optimum quantities of tryptophan to the brain.

Having healthy food for breakfast is the key to a great mood

Healthy Food

Healthy Food for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most essential part of the human diet. If you have a nutritious breakfast every morning that comprises of fiber, lean protein, good fats, and whole-grain carbohydrates you are bound to remain happy and calm all through the day. Skipping breakfast in the morning is going to set in fatigue and anxiety wherein your mood goes for a toss. The quality, quantity and regularity of breakfast plays a big role not only in terms of human mood it also ensures great health for people throughout their life.

Increase healthy food items and decrease caffeine to boost your mood

The trick is to increase healthy food items and cut down on caffeine intake. Caffeine makes you active and recharges your mood for a small period of time generally half an hour to one hour however in the long run caffeinated drinks will bring your mood down. Avoid energy drinks, soda, tea and coffee since they have a high quantity of caffeine in them, focus on food items that have the ability to uplift your mood in the longer run.