Burpees were used to enlist men into the army during the 1940’s and if you could do 41 burpee in one go at that time you were fit enough to join the army. However burpees at that time were less taxing as compared to the burpees that have transformed and come to us today. Burpees are still an integral part of the exercise regimen within the armed forces. Burpees today have become quite taxing due to the incorporation of additional movements and performance of burpees during High Intensity Internal Training. Burpees are favorites among fitness freaks and armed forces as they are able to exercise and build strength for the whole body and do not require any equipment and can be performed at any place.

Burpees work on major muscle groups

Burpees work on almost all muscle groups. The movements that one tends to make while performing burpees ensures the participation of all muscle groups. Burpees work out the legs, chest, back, arms, abs and glutes. While doing burpess a person is lifting his own weight thus it is a serious weight training exercise that ensures the build up of strength and endurance. Done in the right way it does not have a scope of any serious injury to the muscles and body since the body is able to endure its own weight. The core muscles are the most benefited out of burpees and if synced with other exercises specific muscle groups can be targeted easily.

Your metabolism is surely going to go up

Increase of metabolism ensures burning of fat. When you initiate burpees the metabolism rate of the body shoots up. This rate of increased metabolic rate continues even after you have stopped performing burpees. This is the best form of loosing extra flab that one has collected due to sedentary lifestyle or even due to lack of exercises. Extra calories are burnt without going to the gym or having too much focus on what you eat. Eat whatever you like do burpees and the extra calories will be burnt with the help of burpees. Fat burning is a continuous process among people who are regular with their burpees.

Extra fat collected over the years is burnt

Shun that tight diet schedule; forget about the complex looking machinery, don’t worry about going for a jog early in the morning or in the evenings. Take up burpess and you will see a loss in the extra fat. Treat yourself with the choicest of food items but avoid junk and Trans fatty food since they are not recommended. Burpees when done regularly and with full intensity make sure that you keep loosing fat continuously. Still worried aabout those extra calories ? Sync burpees with High Intensity Interval Training and get a body shape that everyone around you will be envious of.

Doing burpees with any other exercise is easy and feasible

Burpees can be done stand alone and can be synced with other workout plans you have devised for yourself. These can be used as a warming up signal for the body before taking HIIT. If you are considering running you can sync it up with a session of burpees. Apart from that burpees have evolved over the years and there have been numerous variations within burpees itself. Try the various variations of burpees and you are going to love it.