Rice is a staple food for a large population of the world. Rice forms a major source of calories and nutrients for a majority of the human population. However very less people know the benefits of eating brown rice. Many people haven’t even heard about brown rice since it is not manufactured and sold commercially as white rice. White rice is what is known to the whole world as the rice that forms a staple for the majority of the population. Brown rice is also underrated because it is not polished as white rice. However the benefits of having brown rice are immense.

Brown rice provide nutrients that white rice miss out

Brown rice has been known to be low on calories and a great source of thiamin, niacin, selenium, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin B6. Of course brown rice is the biggest source of manganese. White rice was much like brown rice before it was treated and polished to make it sparkling white. In the process of converting brown rice into white rice almost 67% of Vitamin B3 is lost, Vitamin B1 is lost to the extent of 80%, and the biggest loss is of vitamin B6 which is lost to the extent of 90%. The quantity of manganese, phosphorous and iron is reduced to almost half. Dietary fiber and essential fatty acids are lost in the polishing and treatment of rice. Thus brown rice in terms of nutrition beats white rice any day.

Brown rice helps beat diabetes

Brown rice helps in stabilizing blood sugar level since it is low on the glycemic index. Brown rice is rich in phytic acid, fiber and essential polyphenols which makes it a much have diet for people suffering from high sugar levels or diabetes. It helps in the slow release of sugars as compared to white rice. The risk of Type 2 diabetes is reduced manifold among people who have a regular intake of brown rice.

Good for cardiovascular health

Selenium is great for the heart’s health and brown rice contains ample of quantities of selenium. Plaque buildup does not take place if an individual takes a diet of brown rice regularly. A phytonutrient plant lignans is found in abundance which is helpful in protecting the heart against many heart diseases. High blood pressure and atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries is not known among people who are on a regular diet of brown rice along with other whole grains. Cholesterol level is maintained by brown rice since it is known to regulate cholesterol catabolism. Lipid and glucose metabolism is regulated by the ingredients found in brown rice that again keep the heart in great shape.

Avoid cancer with brown rice

Brown rice helps in the prevention of various types of cancer like colon cancer, breast cancer and leukemia. Brown rice has ample of quantities of anti oxidants and fibers. Fiber binds itself with the harmful cancer causing toxins inside the body, which prevents the toxins from attaching the walls of the colon and are hence eradicated from the body. A few phenolic components present in brown rice inhibit the proliferation of colon and breast cancer cells.